Friday, January 27, 2006

Still Not Long Enough

Previously, I mentioned the Judge in Vermont who gave a convicted child molester a 60-day prison sentence because he "no longer believed in punishment." Yesterday, the Judge altered his ruling.

BURLINGTON, Vt. - A judge who was widely vilified for giving a child molester a 60-day jail term imposed a new sentence Thursday, increasing the man’s prison time to three to 10 years.

Judge Edward Cashman said he felt he could now impose the longer sentence because the state had agreed to provide treatment to the man while he is behind bars. The state had initially said such treatment would not come until after the man served his time.

Mark Hulett, 34, pleaded guilty last year to charges that he had sexual contact with a girl during a four-year period beginning when she was 6...

...[Governor] Douglas said he considered the new sentence to still be too lenient considering the crime.

“It’s 18 times 60 days, so it’s certainly an improvement,” the governor said. “Personally, I think it’s inadequate for a crime of that magnitude, but it is certainly better than the first decision.”

Attorney General William Sorrell had also hoped for longer than three years, but he praised the judge for making the change. “I would have rather seen it be a longer sentence as a message to other would-be offenders, but I think Judge Cashman is big enough to change course,” he said.

While 3-10 years is certainly better than two months, I still don't think it's long enough, considering the heinous crime the defendent was found guilty of. This MSNBC poll shows that 82% of respondents agree.


At 3:29 PM, Blogger hjhhjhjlhjhjkhjk said...

You do realize of course, that fundamental Christians (who by and large tend to be republicans) have a higher incidence of child abuse and incest than more secular Christians (who tend to be more representative of the democratic party). I guess republicans just have more to repent. No surprizes there.


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